Senator's Emotional Testimony 'Put An Amazing Human Face' On Superstorm

WASHINGTON D.C. (CBSNewYork) — It was a heartbreaking moment for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Thursday as she testified before a panel about Superstorm Sandy’s deadly and destructive path through New York.

Gillibrand tearfully described Glenda Moore’s desperate, but unsuccessful efforts to save her two little boys, who died after being swept out of their mother’s arms by a surge of water.

“Her vehicle stalled, she took her children out of the car, she tried to get them to higher land and they were taken from her arms,” Gillibrand emotionally stated Thursday. “These children were 2 years old and 4 years old and the mother could do nothing about it because the storm was so strong.”

Brendan and Connor Moore were with their mother on October 29, heading down Father Capodanno Boulevard in at attempt to flee during the height of Sandy.

Glenda Moore’s SUV hit a tree and stalled. Moore was then clinging to life and hanging on to a railing, when the a surge of water overpowered her and took her children away.

Moore knocked on a man’s door for help, but he reportedly turned her away. The children’s bodies were found in a wooded marsh.

Gillibrand’s emotional testimony moved Committee Chairman Sen. Barbara Boxer.

“I thank you because you allowed your emotions to come to the surface. You put an amazing human face on this super storm,” Boxer said.

Holding back tears, Gillibrand called on the panel to act quickly to help New York families rebuild.

As of Sunday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency had approved more than $664 million to help New York state residents recover from Sandy.

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