The holidays are a special time for many people, including Blake Shelton, who holds last year’s Christmas Eve in the highest regard. And that particular special night didn’t even include his wife Miranda Lambert.

“It ended up being dad and I on Christmas Eve, sitting in his hospital room and watching Dumbest Stuff on Wheels for about four hours on his little TV there in the room. I wouldn’t trade that night for anything,” revealed Blake to Country Weekly.

Blake’s father Dick was ill in the hospital and Blake couldn’t bring himself to leave his father alone on the holiday, even if it meant breaking other family traditions.

“My sister, she has a husband with two kids now, and they were doing their normal Christmas Eve with the kids. And Miranda has a tradition of going out and spending Christmas Eve with her family in Texas, and I normally go down there with her, too. But I said, ‘If it’s OK with everybody, I’m just going to stay up here with dad. He got a lot sicker after that, and I think if everybody in the family had known, you couldn’t have fit another person in the hospital room.”

Blake’s father passed away that January and he’s thankful he didn’t miss his last Christmas.

“I brought a few gifts for him that people sent with me, so he got to open some things that night. It was a special night, it really was.”

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This significant evening may have inspired Blake to make his Cheers, It’s Christmas album, which even includes a special duet with his mother.

-Ashley Quadros, CBS Local/Sacramento

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