With the Knicks off to a blistering 12-4 start, Al Dukes booked an old friend of the show to join Boomer & Craig so they could break it down and have a little fun while doing so.

After going to great lengths to assure that Boomer & Craig had his full attention, Wally Szczerbiak called in shortly after 9 a.m. from his wife’s car — which was parked in his driveway — to talk some Knicks with the guys. Eventually, he was forced to leave the vehicle so that his wife could drive their son to school, leaving him out in the cold. But we appreciated the effort.

Szczerbiak likes the effort he’s seen from the Knicks thus far, calling them the best team in the East not named the Miami Heat, whom they will take on tomorrow night in Miami after they battle the Bobcats in Charlotte tonight.  Wally mentioned what a pleasant surprise Rasheed Wallace has been after coming out of a two-year retirement, and how disappointing Marcus Camby has been thus far.

Wally was also sure to air a gripe he has with the MSG Network, citing the toll that the small desk he is forced to sit at is taking on his knees on a nightly basis.

After saying goodbye, Craig claimed that he could bench press more than Wally, which I’m sure will come up the next time he joins the program…

LISTEN: Wally Szczerbiak Chimes In On The Knicks (12/05)

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