Thanks to Doug Gottlieb, we learned something we all suspected — the higher-ups over at ESPN mandated their talent talk about Tim Tebow often.

Gottlieb of course, recently left ‘the world wide leader’ in favor of the CBS family and after doing so, I guess you could say he let the cat out of the bag.

Craig used the revelation as an excuse to poke fun at ESPN and their stable of talent.  He also managed to work in some unsolicited plugs for both the ‘Slap Chop’ and the ‘ShamWow.’

Even before all of that, we heard Jay Mohr doing his best Andrew Dice Clay impersonation, breaking down Billy Belichick and the Patriots: ‘Get little Danny Woodhead the ball…’

LISTEN: ESPN’s Tebow Mandate, Slap Chop, ShamWow & More (12/11)

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