With ‘WWE TLC: Table Ladders & Chairs’ set to invade Barclays Center this Sunday, the man known as ‘The Big Show’ found himself in the Allstate Studio with Boomer and Craig, contemplating how much longer he has to live.

The 7-foot, 436-pound ‘mountain of a man’ will be taking on Sheamus this Sunday night (tickets are still available) and while chatting with the guys he recalled the days when he would bench 495 pounds 10-12 times at a clip, and said he never really considered crossing over to the MMA because he had no desire to walk around angry all day long and really considers himself an entertainer.

We heard about how he came to grips with wearing spandex for a living and how it coincided with ‘losing his pride.’  There were certainly a couple of tense moments, as Craig did his best to push The Big Show’s buttons — and for that he received a threat he will not soon forget.

Despite the threat, Craig still asked ‘The Big Show’ about why he feels shame with regards to his left nipple and then asked him to perform a little karaoke to Tone Loc’s ‘Funky Cold Medina’ before saying goodbye…

LISTEN: It’s The Big Show In The Allstate Studio (12/12)

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