NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Tony Danza is a television icon, known for classic shows like Taxi and Who’s The Boss?

But he’s also a multi-talented performer.

He’s bringing his one-man show Friday night to the NYCB Theatre at Westbury.

He also has a new book out, called “I’d Like To Apologize To Every Teacher I Ever Had,” detailing his time as a school teacher – he spent a year teaching at an inner city school in Philadelphia.

“I got a glimpse of what it really is like to be an inner city, high school teacher in America today,” he said on The Couch. “It was …amazing, eye opening.”

But it wasn’t easy.

“I think a lot of us think that parents should be more involved,” he said. “It’s very difficult, we live in society that puts a lot of pressure on parents, especially low-income parents.”

“We have to get the kids to want it more than we want it for them,” he said.

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