NEW YORK (CBSewYork) – Ever get a gift and say “I love it,” but think “What am I going to do with that?”

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“There’s always that gift you find that you’re never going to wear or you’re never going to use and it winds up going in the drawer or in the closet,” said Dennis McKeon, Executive Director of Where To Turn.

For years, he’s been collecting those presents for what he calls Re-Gifting For A Good Cause.

“Usually between 2,000 and, you know, 2,500,” he said. “We don’t care what you’re giving us. I mean, we’ll find a home for anything that you give us.”

The gifts are given to those in need and this also allows people to help who otherwise might not have the means.

“You know, a lot of people can’t afford to buy new stuff for people, but if they get a gift, they give it to us, they feel like they’re still doing something,” he said.

While the program has been in place for years, in the wake of superstorm Sandy, it’s needed now more than ever.

“This year, a lot of Sandy families, if you get a toaster or something like that, they don’t have a toaster. I mean, they lost everything,” he said.

Those things that aren’t given away are sold at an organization flea market.

For more information, visit the Where To Turn website.

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