Jerry Recco’s first update of the morning was predominately about two guys: Robert Griffin III, after his Redskins fell to the Seahawks 24-14; and Ray Lewis, following his Sunday afternoon ‘dance party’ in Baltimore.

After re-injuring his right knee, rendered unable to finish the game, RGIII answered a few questions on the hot topic that was/is the health of his aforementioned knee.  Griffin’s head coach Mike Shanahan also faced the music after the decision to play his rookie quarterback, despite his diminished health, certainly backfired.

Earlier in Baltimore, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis took the field in his usual ‘understated, hey look at me’ manner and helped lead his team to a 24-9 win.  With his retirement forthcoming, a lot has been made of Lewis, and Boomer attempted to add to the fodder by relaying a touching story involving a drug deal Lewis recently thwarted, only to have Craig make it rather difficult – ‘and that’s one to grow on.’

Plus, Notre Dame-Alabama tonight for the National Championship and Celtics-Knicks at the Garden…

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