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By Nina Pajak

As I’ve mentioned, Mr. Pajak, Gus and I are in the midst of searching high and low, far and wide, across boroughs and rivers and expressways for an apartment that can adequately house our growing family without bankrupting us or forcing us to live in a nether region to which only the G train will go. We can’t help but feel like we’re swimming upstream, having chosen to live in what may very well be the most difficult city in America. At least, when it comes to real estate.

More: Bloomberg Announces Winner Of Micro-Apartment Design Competition

So what better time to be acutely reminded of our plight with the announcement of a winner in the city’s “Tiny Apartment” design competition?

No better time.

That was a rhetorical question.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is moving ahead with his plan to create more housing in New York City by way of “micro-apartments,” which take the idea of a tiny space to a whole new level.

The development team’s “My Micro NY” project will create 55 new micro-units, 40 percent of which will be reserved for low- and middle-income residents, Bloomberg said. The units will be between 250 and 370 square feet.

The design is, admittedly, quite attractive. It features a kitchen counter which flips up and down, high ceilings to accommodate overhead storage space, a convertible sofabed, and a coffee table on wheels. From the illustration, it seems as though it will be perfect for the legions of young singles moving to Manhattan (60% of whom are wealthy), who own little more than a surfboard, some books, and enough Ikea chairs, dishes and glassware to entertain a roomful of attractive (skinny) young friends. Perfect.

The winning design, as well as some of the other finalists, are currently being featured in an exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York. Check it out for inspiration for managing your own small space, to feel better about your slightly less small space, or simply to continue metaphorically bashing your head against a wall as you attempt to envision yourself living in an apartment that permits you to own more than three coats at a time.

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