NEW YORK (WLNY) — Comedian Bill Bellamy keeps it real, fresh and funny in his latest comedy special, “Bill Bellamy’s Lady’s Night Out Tour” on Showtime.

He visited The Couch to fill us in on the new show — and made us laugh hysterically in the process.

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“The idea was like, relationships,” he said. “We wanted to make a show that was relationship-driven, so it can be fun. If you’re dating, if you’re married, you just moved in with your girlfriend, you just broke up, we hit all the fun areas.”

He also offered some relationship advice.

Men, he said, are simple creatures.

“All you gotta do is feed us,” he said. “Buy us a gift every now and then.”

Also, fellas, you gotta learn how to cheat. No, he’s not telling you to cheat — but if you do, do it right.

Cheat up, not down.

“When the Tiger Woods incident happened, some of those girls were really buckets,” he said. “Like, really?”

“I’m not telling you do it, but I’m telling you it’s disrespectful to cheat down, to a lady.”

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