DUMONT, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A stray dog that nearly lost his life in Iraq is now looking for a permanent home.

Jack was just 8-months-old when a group of U.S. Marines stopped a group of locals in Iraq from beating the dog to death.

“He got caught in the crossfire with a high-velocity round which hit his back leg,” foster mom Robin Foschini told 1010 WINS. “He was so scared he ran off into the crowd of locals who then took sticks and started beating him to kill him.”

The group of Marines fired their guns into the air to scare the crowd off and rescue Jack, Foschini said.

A Marine then tied a tourniquet around what was left of Jack’s leg, but the limb could not be saved.

“The other leg has some broken bones in the ankle which healed over and can’t be repaired, he had his tooth broken out of his head and he’s got a few battle scars,” Foschini said.

The Puppy Rescue Mission raised the money to bring Jack to America for a new life.

Foschini picked Jack up from John F. Kennedy International Airport on Sunday morning and will be fostering the dog in Dumont, N.J. until he rehabilitates.

Foschini said Jack suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and shakes and trembles when people approach him.

“All in all he’s a very sweet dog, he’s very submissive, he loves to be petted and scratched, he’s not aggressive,” Foschini said. “He went through hell over there and he deserves a nice home.”

No one knows who the Marines were that rescued Jack in Iraq, but the group hopes to find them to reunite the dog with his heroes.

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