By Sweeny Murti
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The Curtis Granderson experiment in left field lasted exactly one half inning of one spring training game. Joe Girardi indicated Sunday he has all but made up his mind to play Granderson in center field when he returns from the DL in early May.

Granderson suffered a fractured right forearm in the bottom of the first inning February 24th when he was hit by a J.A. Happ pitch and the Yankees announced full recovery would take ten weeks.

Girardi had only a few days earlier announced that he was switching Brett Gardner to center field and Granderson to left for a stronger defensive outfield and was giving Granderson the entire spring to learn the new position better. Since Granderson’s spring training is essentially over, Girardi feels as if making the outfield switch might be asking too much, and wants to give Granderson a better comfort level when he returns given the importance of his bat in a depleted lineup.

Here is Girardi talking about his decision to switch Granderson back to center, which he only volunteered after questions regarding Gardner’s position in left field in Sunday’s lineup against the Red Sox:

Meanwhile, as you hear, the entire outfield alignment is up in the air depending on who wins the roster spot opened up by Granderson’s injury.

And the Yankees were fortunate to avoid further damage to their outfield when Ichiro Suzuki escaped a two-car accident on Saturday unscathed. His SUV was totaled, but Ichiro is expected to play in the next Yankees exhibition game on Tuesday.

Do you think Girardi should switch Granderson back to center when he returns from his injury? Share your thoughts below.

Sweeny Murti

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