When talking about the unique dynamics of the morning show, Craig explained the reason it works is because all egos are checked at the door.  I’m not certain which door he was talking about; if I figure it out I’ll let ya’ know.

Anyway, as far as egos go, Craig called out Al Dukes for having an inflated one, then went on to explain how vodka has a tendency to change Al’s normally reserved demeanor – ‘the’ Eddie Scozzare then did his best to deflate Al’s healthy ego by comparing his co-worker to a hospice patient.

Then Jerry Recco and Al offered up their play-by-play reenactment of New Rochelle’s Khalil Edney’s improbable game-winner against Mount Vernon before Boomer and Craig discussed a story about a Scottish zoo which plays Marvin Gaye music, with hopes of getting their Panda Bears to mate — so there’s that, too…

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