NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Death, taxes, and Facebook making changes – those are the only certain things in the world. That’s an extension of Ben Franklin’s famous quote and, wouldn’t you know it, big changes are coming to Facebook – again!

Sree Sreenivasan, tech expert from our partner network CNET and Columbia University’s chief digital officer, was here to tell us why these might be the biggest changes in years.

So, what are talking about, exactly?

We are talking about two big sets of changes at Facebook.

They will affect how people see and share information, and how people see information about each other.

As Facebook users, we need to be paying close attention. The changes are slowly rolling out the the billion plus users. So, it may be days or weeks before they are activated on your account.

Change #1: Bigger Photos

Over the last year or so, Facebook users have shown how much they like to see and share photos, so Facebook is making photos a more central part of the experience.

Here you see how much bigger and more prominent the photos are going to be. So get clicking with your smartphones and share great pictures.

(credit: Facebook)

(credit: Facebook)

Change #2: New Ways To See Content From Your Friends

Facebook is now letting you choose exactly the kind of content you want to get.

Just photos? Just music? Now that can happen.

(credit: Facebook)

(credit: Facebook)

Change #3: Graph Search

This is the biggest Facebook change in years. Like a lot of changes, it’s very exciting and very scary.

You can search through friends and pages to find all kinds of information. Here’s an image of folks who like ice cream and live in Brooklyn.

Facebook Graph Search (credit: Sree Sreenivasan)

Facebook Graph Search (credit: Sree Sreenivasan)

To get on the the waiting list for the new news feed design, click HERE. To get on the waiting list for Graph Search, click HERE.


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