David Berkowitz Tells An Author He Wants A Chance To Redeem Himself

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — More than three and half decades after the “Son of Sam” horrified New York City, he has spoken in an interview with author Scott Bonn.

“He talks very much about his remorse and sorrow over everything he’s done and hoping and wishing that he can do something to redeem himself,” Bonn, a criminologist, told CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider on Monday night.

David Berkowitz terrorized the Big Apple during the summer of 1977, the so-called “Summer of Sam.” He killed six people and wounded seven while evading a massive manhunt and sending out brazen letters that promised even more killing.

For years Berkowitz sat in a prison cell oozing evil and despair. That is, he said, until 1987, the year in which he claims to have found God.

“He said one night he just fell to his knees in his cell and for 30 minutes or so he spoke to God. He asked God for forgiveness and to take his pain away. He said literally when he stood up, the pain was gone,” Bonn explained.

The “Son of Sam” now refers to himself as the “Son of Hope.” He has created a website, mentors fellow inmates, and receives letters from people who are looking for inspiration.

“He knows that he can never undo those things. All he hopes is that he, in some way to the best of his ability, is able to make amends through his service. But he knows many people will scoff at this and never take him at face value,” Bonn said.

Berkowitz is currently serving six consecutive life sentences in an upstate New York prison. He has been denied parole on several occasions.

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