NEW YORK (WLNY) — ‘House of Cards’ is the game-changing new series from Netflix.

Corey Stoll co-stars in the political thriller alongside a cast including Oscar winner Kevin Spacey. He joined The Couch to talk about playing a congressman under the thumb of Spacey’s character.

Folks have been calling the show a combination of West Wing and The Sopranos. Stoll said the description is not too far off.

“It’s juicy, it’s funny, it’s dangerous,” he said.

Netflix released all 13 episodes of the first season at once, for $1 each. The first show of its kind to have done that, House of Cards introduced fans to the new concept of so-called “binge viewing.”

“I find that, personally, a really satisfying way to watch,” Stoll said. “When I have to wait week to week, I lose the thread.”

“I think it’s actually following the way people have been watching,” the actor said. “Ever since DVDs came out, people were watching whole seasons [at once].”

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