Boomer and Craig had a smorgasbord of topics to discuss this morning, but none more pressing than the NFL rule changes, specifically the one which, in theory, will penalize ball carriers and defenders from using the crown of their helmet to initiate contact outside of the tackle box.

The guys discussed the controversial rule change – which was passed by a vote of 31-1 by the owners – but is being met with great resistance by players and fans alike.

In addition to getting all riled up about the NFL slowly turning into a ‘powder-puff’ league (according to Craig), the Dynamic Radio Duo tackled the triumphant return of Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks’ lineup, which resulted in a 106-94 win over the Magic last night at the Garden, as well as the news that Derek Jeter may not be ready for April 1, when the Yankees’ season begins in the Bronx against the Red Sox…

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