RYE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Westchester County officials are weighing several options to control the deer population in Rye.

Many parts of the city are overrun with deer and residents have been complaining about the animals grazing in their yards and leaping in front of cars.

“We love them, but at the same time they are creating a problem,” resident Ken Siegal said. “You can’t put out flowers anymore, but that’s a minor point; the real problem is the roads and people are going to hit them.”

The overpopulation is causing local vegetation to disappear and many of the deer are starving because there isn’t enough food in the area, according to experts.

The city council is considering allowing the county to bring in expert bow hunters to thin the herd, WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reported.

“We hope that within the next couple of meetings coming up to come to some sort of conclusion here and implement the program,” Councilman Joe Sack said. “I’m just as frustrated as everyone else as to what to do. Obviously there’s a huge problem and we’ve got to do something about it but we’ve got to figure out the safest way, the most humane way and the most effective way.”

Some argue it is cruel to kill the deer, while others say it’s a matter of public safety and saving the environment.

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