NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The Newark Fire Department held a drill Saturday to ensure preparedness for the most horrifying of disasters.

As WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reported, the purpose of the drill was to get everyone on the same page, according to Newark Fire Director Fateen Ziyad.

“We’re talking about homeland securities, we’re talking about state troopers, state of New Jersey troopers, also talking about FBI involved,” Ziyad said.

The National Guard, hazmat squads and the bomb squad all simulated a response to a perfect storm. Two days after a hurricane, terrorists strike while first responders are busy – bombing a water treatment facility.

Newark fire Battalion Chief Art Moriell took Adams into the mockup. The only escape route is a 42-inch pipe.

“It’s dirty. I mean this is concrete, jagged pieces of metal down there, bricks. Once the terrorists had struck the main building, it shook everything. So now, we don’t know where they are,” Moriell explained. “There’s so many people in here, we have to go get them.”

Through a maze of tunnels, ladders and fallen ivy, Deputy Chief Rick Zeeser said the firefighters do a lot more than fight fires these days.

“We’re like a standing army. It’s really what we are, we’re a standing army,” Zeeser said. “We’re ready to help in any situation.”

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