The Knicks will be in the Windy City tonight, looking to extend their winning streak to 14 games. And if Craig has his way, Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith will join Tyson Chandler and Kenyon Martin in street clothes and watch this game as spectators.

Boomer is not on board with Craig’s better to be safe than sorry line of thinking, so today’s radio program opened up with a debate between the two members of the Dynamic Radio Duo on whether or not the Knicks should use all their stars tonight against the Bulls.

With the Yankees getting rained out in Cleveland and the Mets dropping their second straight to the Phillies, baseball provided very little to talk about, so the guys shifted their focus to football, as Victor Cruz showed up at ‘The Manning Camp’ to play catch with Eli.

After Craig ‘boldly’ predicted that the two sides will announce a deal with in the next 48 hours, Boomer called out his little Buddy for something he interpreted as an injustice and from there we learned about the difference between fantasy and reality…

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