With a huge New York sports weekend ahead, Craig allowed Boomer to vent about his beloved Rangers early Friday with the hopes that Booms would get it off his chest and be able to focus on everything else going on.

Well Boomer certainly had a lot to vent about, as we heard all about the ‘screw the Rangers button’ he believes exists, accompanied by a detailed critique of what took place on the ice in Washington and where it all went wrong.

Eventually Craig was able to change the subject (thankfully) and actually engage Boomer in conversations that didn’t involve a hard rubber puck.

Shifting gears to the hardwood, the Nets stayed alive with a 95-92 win in Chicago, setting the stage for a Game 7 in Brooklyn Saturday night.  As for the Knicks, they will be looking to end things with the Celtics tonight in Boston.

So the guys had a lot to get to this morning  — and did so as only they can. So sit back, relax and enjoy…

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