Millions Are Going Online And Opening Up, Confessing Things No One Knows

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Would you send your most intimate secrets to a website? Millions of people have, and some say that it can change lives for the better.

Every week Frank Warren receives more than 1,000 postcards from people who want to confess their deepest darkest secrets.

“Here’s one that says ‘I wish I had been a better mother to my children,'” he said.

In 2004, Warren started the “Post Secret Project,” CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson reported Monday. He asked strangers to mail their secrets to his Maryland home. Now the secrets are flowing in from all over the world.

“My shrink wants me to go to a support group for men with eating disorders. I don’t see it happening. I imagine I will just get sicker and then die,” another card reads.

Each week Warren posts 20 new secrets on his website He told CBS 2 that reading them has become just a popular as sending them.

“I hate feeling like I am the only person experiencing a particular emotion. If I can relate to one of those postcards, it’s like it’s okay, I’m alright, everything’s going to be okay,” Long Island resident Nicole Tori said.

Why would anybody share their secrets this way? Experts claim that it could be a way for them to begin an important process.

“It could be like a rehearsal, that can start a process and that I’m excited about. But, just dropping it in the mail and that’s it, I’m not excited about,” said psychologist Dr. Evan Imber Black.

Judy Barry shared a big part of her past on a website called Years ago Barry abandoned her husband and two small children.

“I ran away in the middle of the night. I packed my clothes in a garbage bag and ran away, and nobody could find me for quite a while,” she said.

Barry told CBS 2 that sending her regret in to the site finally made her feel free enough to talk about what she had done and make amends. Ultimately, she reunited with her grown children and established a relationship with her grandchildren.

“I can actually be involved in their life, and they can actually be involved in my life. It’s just amazing. It means anything is possible,” she explained.

If you have a secret that you want to share, experts recommend starting with people who you know will be supportive.

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