Father And Son Accused Of Running Sex Trafficking Ring

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A group of employees are sticking up for their bosses in court, but they’re not your average set of workers.

The stable of “happy hookers” kept by admitted pimps Vincent George, Sr.55, and Vincent George, Jr., 33, are lining up to testify at Manhattan Supreme Court in defense of their sugar daddies, WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reported.

The father and son are charged with money laundering sex trafficking for threatening and beating the women to keep them in line. They have  been in prison without bail since April.

When the trial began two weeks ago, prosecutor Kim Han told the court that the five young women from Pennsylvania were forced into prostitution by the Georges and that they were turned into domestic sex work horses.

But the smiling young women regaled the courtroom with details of the great employee benefits of being a prostitute, Cornell reported.

Cornell said one of prostitutes, Danielle Geissler, tossed her long, blonde hair as she gushed, “We all had our own houses and cars and took fabulous vacations.”

26-year-old Heather Keith testifies in Manhattan Supreme Court (credit: Juliet Papa / 1010 WINS)

26-year-old Heather Keith testifies in Manhattan Supreme Court (credit: Juliet Papa / 1010 WINS)

Defense attorney Howard Greenberg, who prefers the word “ho” to “prostitutes” and uses it freely, asked 26-year-old Heather Keith, “Did anyone named George force you to become a ho?”

“No,” she protested.

Desiree Ellis, who went by the name Jessica, smiled and was upbeat as she testified Wednesday, 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reported.

She told the jury she lived in a five-bedroom house and had access to anything the younger George had, including cars and money.

After George was arrested last year, police questioned her and offered her clothes and job-searching services to help her change her lifestyle. But Ellis turned it all down, testifying that she was happy.

“I didn’t have a desire to change anything about my life,” Ellis testified on Wednesday.

The father and son’s defense is that they are pimps, but not sex traffickers.

Prosecutors argue that the men ran a two-state sex trafficking ring and referred to the women as animals.


Testimony continued Wednesday.

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