NEW YORK (WLNY) –– More than a year after departing Live! with Regis and Kelly, television’s Regis Philbin is busier than ever.

He’s prepping his return to TV – as host of a sports show on FOX this summer, and getting ready to perform with his wife Joy at the NYCB Theater at Westbury on Saturday, June 22.

TV 10-55’s Amy Dardashtian sat down with Regis and Joy Philbin to talk about their unique relationship and how they keep the love – and the laughs – fresh.

“You have to find a woman who will stand behind you,” Regis said of his wife of 43 years. “[To] help you get dressed in the morning, shave you, give you a haircut occasionally….what am I, crazy?”Joy has a bit of a different take.

“One of you had to give everything, one of you has to be very understanding and completely selfless you’re the one that’s gonna keep the homefront solid and stable while he goes out, now be very honest to this young girl do you think that was you? Or was that me? I think that was me, are you crazy? That was me.

Some fans were surprised by recent reports that Philbin’s former co-host Kelly Ripa don’t keep in touch after parting ways on Live.

Regis said, it’s nothing personal.

“Once you leave a show and she continues with the show, and they have three kids,” he said.

Joy agreed.

“We called a couple of times to see how she was doing, she was doing fine,” she said. “They don’t go out a lot, they are really devoted to their children.”

Regis knows the ways of the business well enough to know that Ripa is a busy lady.

“I did it for 28 years, so I know that she’s busy…she still looks great on TV,” he said.

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