Councilman David Mello Wants To Make Playful Debate A Reality

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It started with a simple question.

WFAN radio co-hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton wanted to know: what happened to the tree New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg promised to plant in Brett Favre’s honor? One thing led to another, and soon they were discussing which local athletes deserved to be on the “Mount Rushmore” of tree tributes.

Enter Hoboken Councilman David Mello, who picked up the phone to pitch his own idea.

“Well listen, I heard you guys discuss it earlier, and I would love to try to make a tree happen for Eli Manning and the fine city of Hoboken,” he told Boomer and Carton on Friday.

The Giants quarterback lives with his family in Hoboken, N.J., and chipped in after Superstorm Sandy ravaged the area last year.

“He’s been a great citizen,” Mello said. “Right after Hurricane Sandy he was wonderful — he got very involved, was generous with his time, walked around with the mayor. (The Mannings) have had a lot of involvement in our city and we’re very proud of that fact.”

Bloomberg said he’d plant a tree for Favre when the quarterback was introduced as a member of the Jets in 2008. But the mayor wouldn’t reveal the location for “obvious reasons.”

“Well, you know, I might have to take a cue from Mayor Bloomberg on that,” said Mello, which may or may not have been a playful jab at the Hizzoner. “I’m not sure if that’s something we should reveal. But again, I’d have to consult with our Shade Tree Commission on that. We have about 3,000 trees in Hoboken now, and I know the commission has a goal to up that to about 4,000 by the year 2020.”

So the two-time Super Bowl champion may get his own tree. How about one for the “Boomer & Carton” show?

“I’d be willing to work on that,” Mello said. “No promises.”

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