Before turning things over to Jerry Recco, the guys sent out some heartfelt birthday wishes to Marv Albert — YES!!! — Dr. J and Hideki Matsui. Exciting stuff.

Jerry then got started with the Spurs’ Game 3 blowout of the Heat. Danny Green led the way for San Antonio, scoring 27 of their 113 points, while LeBron James (15 points) and the Heat managed a total of 77.

Plus, the Yankees come up short against the A’s out in Oakland, as CC gets roughed up and the Bombers fall, 6-4. The Mets fall to the Cardinals, 9-2, and Craig is starting to wonder why we continue to pay attention. “Viva” Ike Davis struck out looking in Vegas, Hakeem Nicks shows up at Giants minicamp and Bill Belichick fends off “Tebow Mania.”

When Jerry was through, Boomer and Craig hooked up with Chris Wragge and Mary Calvi on CBS-2 so that they could promote his book, Loudmouth, which they did…

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