San Francisco Beats New York In Travel + Leisure Magazine Survey

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York City is second to none among U.S. cities when it comes to finance, the arts, world culture and countless other attributes, but New Yorkers will be relieved to know that the city missed first place in a new and perhaps not quite so flattering list.

Travel + Leisure Magazine this week released its list of the nation’s snobbiest cities. And while Urban Dictionary has its very own definition for a “New York snob” – defined merely as, “a person from NYC that is completely convinced that their city is the best of all” — Travel + Leisure said New York is not actually the snobbiest city of all.

That honor goes to San Francisco. But New York did come in second.

The magazine compiled the list based on an assortment of factors, including “a reputation for aloof and smarty-pants residents, along with high-end shopping and highbrow cultural offerings like classical music and theater.” Also considered were what the magazine called “21st century definitions of elitism,” such as artisanal coffeehouses, tech-savviness, and “conspicuous eco-consciousness” that prompts dirty looks for those who dare toss an empty coffee cup in with the common garbage.

And despite ranking New York near the top, Travel + Leisure did not seem to have much negative to say about the city and its allegedly snobby qualities. In fact, the magazine said the city ranks at the top of other Travel + Leisure surveys for theater and art scenes, and for “dressing to the nines.”

“Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, with its exclusive clubs and stiletto-heeled crowd, is one see-and-be-seen area, as is Williamsburg,” the magazine said. “That said, many New Yorkers’ definition of cool has more of a laid-back, off-the-grid feel: an example is Brooklyn’s Greenwood Park, a beer garden with 60 brews on tap and a bocce league.”

And why did San Francisco top the list? The magazine described the “City by the Bay” as a “serious foodie city,” with plenty of sticker shock to match the tastes. “To shop at hip boutiques, browse galleries, and dine among the cognoscenti, check out the Hayes Valley neighborhood and its Absinthe Brasserie & Bar.”

Rounding out the top 10 were Boston; Minneapolis-St. Paul; Santa Fe and Seattle – which tied for number 5 – Chicago; Providence; Washington, D.C.; and Charleston, S.C.

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