Craig was not happy when he saw the morning show “breakfast coordinator” Tommy Lugauer — affectionately referred to as “White Trash” — moping around the station, so he asked him what was bothering him.

After learning the root of his gloominess, Craig took it to the air — Tommy hasn’t been with the show that long, he’ll soon learn.

Well, that set off a whole chain of events.

Thanks to Craig, we learned that Tommy is afraid of what the future might hold for him in the radio business, fearing he might “end-up” like Al Dukes. Needless to say, Al took offense and defended his bachelor lifestyle.

Eventually, Boomer got involved and called Craig a “needy little b****.” Craig wasn’t about to stand for that, so he shifted the focus off of him and on to “The” Eddie Scozzare by giving him a “test.”

“The” Eddie handled himself just fine and while doing so, revealed that his collection of drops is upwards of 82,000!  You can have some fun with a select few of them by checking out the B&C Soundboard

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