The lovely Dana made her way to the Allstate Studio this morning to play the wildly-popular trivia contest known as “Do You Know More Sports Than…,”  for which she was clearly prepared for. She’s pictured holding the belt after answering a perfect 9-for-9 correctly. (Boomer refused to ask her the final question written based on the subject matter.)

What Dana couldn’t have possibly been prepared for was her chance-meeting with our very own Tommy “White Trash” Lugauer, this occurred after Craig got Tommy in the mix when he learned that the 22-year-old Dana was single.

Let’s just say the old expression “you can lead a horse to water…” is very fitting here, with Tommy being the horse, if you will. Translation, it’s safe to say that Tommy will not be breaking bread or forging any type of relationship with Dana in the future, and Boomer and Craig will surely never let him forget it – Tommy Can You Hear Me?!?!

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