Daniel Kramer Wants To Move But Is Afraid He Won't Be Able To find A Buyer

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — A multimillion dollar building battle has kicked off on one of Manhattan’s most prestigious streets.

Neat and tidy townhouses turned chaotic when a new owner began an aggressive renovation on West 4th Street where millionaires live next to billionaires, CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reported.

“Everyday you are seeing something. Every day as I look around something new,” Daniel Kramer said.

Newly formed cracks in the wall were the least of Kramer’s problems. He also said that a brick had crashed through his laundry room, and that a gaping hole had formed in his bedroom ceiling.

Kramer blamed the problems on a new neighbor who he said has been engaged in a rough, months long, renovation process.

“I’m just imprisoned here to document its destruction because if I leave they’ll use a jack-hammer on the wall,” he said.

Kramer’s neighbor obtained the proper permits but has apparently been using jack-hammers instead of the required hand tools.

His home is one of four row-houses built in 1860. Kramer had believed that the homes historic designation would protect them from this type of extreme makeover.

“The city agencies who are responsible for policing this are basically absent, period,” he said.

CBS 2’s cameras could not find any jack-hammering or sledge-hammering at the site. Kramer said that the jack-hammering had ceased after he filed a $3-million negligence lawsuit.

Kramer’s neighbor Ara Hovnanian hasn’t moved in yet, but his attorney said that he had obtained the necessary permits to renovate.

“My client has proper permits and his contractors have complied with all construction laws, codes, and requirements,” he said.

After 13-years in his dream home Kramer told CBS 2 he is ready to move but he’s afraid that he won’t be able to find a buyer.

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