In an indirect way, throughout the years Boomer’s adult hockey team, the WASPs, have been a big part of the Morning Extravaganza. This is because at any given time, on any given show, the Blonde Bomber’s attention can wander and he can become consumed by his responsibilities to his WASP brothers.

Boomer is the captain, you see.

Those responsibilities, which Booms takes very seriously, include motivational emails, as well as deciding on the line combinations, among other things.

Well this morning Boomer was happy to report that his hard work and tough-love leadership style has paid off, because this morning he had in his possession achampionship trophy (pictured along with ‘Muppet Boomer’).

After Boomer told us all about how each player will get to have the trophy for a weekend or something before it is returned to the WASP headquarters, Craig made sure to mention that he too was part of a championship basketball team on the hardwood not too long ago and just happened to have the trophy (pictured along with ‘Muppet Craig’), which was noticeably smaller than his radio partner’s.

Just sayin’…

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