NEW YORK (WLNY) — In a new weekly segment on The Couch called “Couch Calls,” we answer health questions sent in to the show by our viewers. It’s our take on the old-fashioned doctor “house calls.”

Dr. Adhi Sharma is board certified in Emergency Medicine and in Medical Toxicology. He stopped by The Couch to answer questions about acid reflux, pneumonia shots and weight loss.

Here is one of the questions Dr. Sharma answered on Thursday’s show:

Q: I have acid reflux and have difficulty choosing things to eat.  Do you have any recommendations for the best type of diet to deal with acid reflux? – Nicole

A: “Avoid foods that are high in acid – so orange juice, grapefruit juice – things like that are high in acid. Tomato sauce is high in acid. Then avoid things that increase acid production like coffee and chocolate. Then there are things you can avoid that increase acid coming out of the esophagus, like carbonated beverages and mint. Mint is a big cause of acid reflux. Never have that after-dinner mint, because you’ll just increase your acid reflux.”

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