'Craigslist For Leftovers' Encourages People To Exchange Food For Free

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Have you ever discovered a stench in your refrigerator, or opened a plastic container that mom’s casserole from last week has turned into a green, hairy monster, or left that loaf of sourdough on the shelf so long that it becomes hard enough to use as a bowling ball?

Or do you find yourself throwing food away just because you don’t want it, or eating leftovers for days when you’d rather find something new?

The creators of a new app might be able to help you pass off those leftovers you don’t want so none of that ever has to happen. The new LeftoverSwap app is geared toward those who want to share their leftovers with others.

“LeftoverSwap is pretty much a Craigslist for leftovers,” said LeftoverSwap co-founder Dan Newman. “People can post their leftovers and give them away for free to anyone who might be interested in grabbing that food. And leftovers can include all sorts of food, from leftover pizza to canned or boxed items.”

The website for the app notes that people who care about reducing waste, eating locally, and building relationships within their community now have an option to accomplish all three by picking up someone else’s leftovers.

And those who want to give away their leftovers don’t have to throw out food or let it spoil, but don’t have to spend the next few days eating it, the website for the app said. Giving away leftovers can also reduce dependence on fossil fuels and fertilized, the app said.

Newman said the process of exchanging leftovers is simple.

“To post food, you would just take whatever you’re posting, snap a picture of it, and jot down a quick note about what it is, and then it gets placed on the map,” Newman said. “And if you’re looking for food, you just click on that post, and we have an in-application messaging system so you can contact the person to set up a time and place to pick it up.”

The app officially got off the ground on Tuesday.

“The first official leftover swap occurred yesterday in New York City for a bag of Pop Chips,” Newman said. “That was pretty cool – the person tweeted about it and sent a picture to us. That was very exciting.”

LeftoverSwap is now available for iPhone and iPad. Developers are working on a version for Android and for the Web.

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