Regardless of what team you root for, there is no denying that a very special moment occurred Thursday night in the Bronx, when Mariano Rivera made his final appearance wearing the famous  Yankee pinstripes.

Boomer and Craig got things started on this Football Friday talking baseball, more specifically talking about Mariano, as the Booms called Derek Jeter and Andy Petttitte coming to take Mo out of the game “one of the greatest sports moment ever,” while Craig referred to it as a “where were you when?” moment.

For the record, both ‘macho men’ admitted to shedding some tears while watching at home, in turn making it cool to cry. See how this works?

In addition to all of that, the Mets are putting Mike Piazza into their Hall of Fame this Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m. – which just happens to coincide with a little thing called NFL football.  Yeah that was discussed, as were the Knicks after they shook things up in their front office…

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