Passengers Said They Were Stuck In Tunnel For 2 1/2 Hours Friday Night

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Social media was flooded this weekend with documentation of a frustrating commute on the F Train, in which passengers ended up stuck in a tunnel for two and a half hours.

The mishap happened around 7:15 p.m. Friday, when a track snapped just southeast of the West 4th Street station, according to a New York Daily News report. More than 1,300 people were on the train, and ended up stuck onboard for two and a half hours, the newspaper reported.

The commuters were quick to vent their frustration on social media.

“@MTA nice job rerouting F train and having conductors who can’t speak clearly enough to understand. Chaos. No wonder people hate you idiots,” tweeted the Cynical Investor.

“one last great moment from tonight’s f train experience: “we need everybody to take a seat, please.” whole crowded car burst out laughing,” tweeted “Michelle.”

Other users complained that the MTA did not issue any of its own tweets on the mishap.

“@MTA @NYCTSubwayScoop My wife was stuck on the F train that hit the broken rail for over 2 hours, you didn’t mention it once. #wouldbenice,” tweeted Liam McCarthy.

A rescue train later arrived to take the frustrated commuters to the West 4th Street station.

But the newspaper reported 800 passengers refused to get on. Some riders tweeted that everyone actually wanted to get on the rescue train, but it left before everyone could board.

Some commuters documented their experience on Instagram or Vine videos. Others complained on Twitter that they had to walk on foot through the dark subway tunnel to get to the rescue train.

And even a day afterward, some social media users were still complaining.

“I plan a date with myself on Friday, see a show and have a drink, instead I was stuck on the F train because it derailed for 2 hours and I had to be rescued by another train only to be taken back where I f***ing started from,” Jenice Matias wrote in a public Facebook post. “It’s going be a while before I ask myself on a date.”

“Does the @MTA keep stats on train screwups? Because the F has to be the worst line in the city. Get it together,” tweeted Alex Ravenel.

Aside from pre-planned weekend service changes, the F Train was running normally Sunday night.

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