A-Rod Supporters Fail Boomer & Carton’s Pop Quiz

Who Drafted Alex Rodriguez? 'Um, Yankees'

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Flags, signs, chants and coffee spillage.

It’s been a wacky few days in Manhattan with Alex Rodriguez appealing his 211-game suspension handed down by Major League Baseball. Members of the group Hispanics Across America have turned out by the hundreds to throw their support behind A-Rod, who was given a lengthy ban for his reported ties to Biogenesis, the shuttered Florida clinic accused of peddling performance-enhancing drugs.

Two protesters holding signs that read “Randy Levine is the devil” admitted this week to a New York Daily News photographer that they had no idea who exactly they were protesting against. Levine is the Yankees’ president.

That said, the “Boomer & Carton” show decided to put a few more supporters to the test. Show staffer Tommy Lugauer headed to the MLB offices on Wednesday, delivering his results Thursday morning.

The guys weren’t impressed.

A-Rod Supporters Get An 'F'

“Do you know what team drafted Alex Rodriguez?”

Supporter: “Um, Yankees.”

Correct answer: Seattle Mariners.

“Do you know how many MVPs he’s won?”

Supporter: “I think six.”

Correct answer: three.

“When he hits a home run, do you know John Sterling’s radio call?”

Supporter: “How is it? I think it’s ‘See ya!'”

Correct answer: An A-bomb! From A-Rod!

“Do you know the team he hit his 500th home run against?”

Supporter: “Uh, Yankees.”

Correct answer: Kansas City Royals. He was playing for the Yankees.

Hispanics Across America president Fernando Mateo was on hand and on the attack again Wednesday, wearing a neck brace after an alleged run-in — featuring the aforementioned hot coffee — with a security guard Tuesday.

Some of his comments:

— “Don’t listen to Randy Levine and the New York Yankees, who are really the undercurrent, pushing Bud Selig before he leaves to get this guy out of the game.”

— “We need to make sure that the punishment fits the crime. We’re not saying don’t punish him. Please, I want to make that very clear. What we are saying is don’t give him the death sentence.”

— “Punish him! Fine him! But don’t end his career.”

— “We want them to hear the fans. We want them to know that A-Rod has a family, has a foundation.”

— “We’re gonna hit the Yankees in their pocket, where it hurts. We’re gonna ask the people to boycott. We’re gonna protest in front of Yankee Stadium. Randy Levine should resign.”

(credit: Tom Lugauer/WFAN)

(credit: Tom Lugauer/WFAN)

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