Boomer & Carton's Pig Roast

(credit: Christian Conte/WFAN)


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Well, the Giants finally cracked the win column with a 23-7 triumph over the Vikings last night.  Prior to the game a 75-pound pig was roasted and slapped around a bit in the MetLife Stadium parking lot.

Coincidence?  I think not.

Needless to say, the Dynamic Radio Duo known as Boomer & Carton got things going this morning with Big Blue, who ‘improved’ to 1-6 with the victory and Piggie Smalls, who provided plenty of entertainment leading up to the game.

No to be left out, the guys also touched on the Jets — the 4-3 Jets.  Just as Boomer suspected, apparently the Jets’ savvy coaching staff alerted officials of the Patriots pushing practices on field goal attempts, perhaps inducing the game-changing 15-yard penalty.

If this is true, kudos to Rex Ryan and his staff…

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