About 40 Teens Ages 14, 15 Were At House, Police Say

TENAFLY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A mother has been charged after beer, marijuana and cocaine were found at a wild teen party at a home in Bergen County, N.J. this past weekend.

As CBS 2’s Alice Gainer reported, the drugs and alcohol were found in and around the house when a teenage girl threw the party at the home Saturday night. Her mother was present, authorities said.

None of the teens were arrested, but the Ivette Wilson, who owns the large house on Engle Street in Tenafly, N.J., was arrested for the party that took place Saturday night.

Police said when they arrived, about 40 teens ages 14 and 15 were taking off in every which way. Police said they received numerous calls, but the noise turned out to be the least of the problems.

Officers said they found beer in the basement, as well as marijuana and what they believed to be cocaine lying around the property.

When they knocked on the door, officers were greeted inside by Wilson, 44, and her teenage daughter, police said.

Tenafly police Chief Robert Chamberlain said the mother said she did not know about the party with the alleged illegal substances.

“She claimed that she did not, but every parent has the obligation to know what’s going on,” he said.

Police said when they arrived, it should have been obvious to anyone – including Wilson.

Wilson has been hit with multiple charges, including maintaining a nuisance and providing alcohol to minors, police said.

An 11-year-old and a 7-year-old were also present during the party, police said in a published report.

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