2 Accidents Cause Serious Damage And Frighten Roslyn Heights Family

ROSLYN HEIGHTS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A Long Island family says they fear for their safety after multiple incidents of cars smashing into their home.

“It’s scary. It’s like playing Russian roulette here. Is it going to happen again? Is our luck going to run out?” homeowner Ron Rosen said Thursday.

The Rosen family is counting their blessings after not one, but two separate accidents sent cars careening into their home on Oak Lane in Roslyn Heights.

The frustrated homeowner told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan that the most recent accident was caused by drag racers, and one three weeks earlier was a drunken driver.  The family said their home has become a target when speeding drivers on nearby Roslyn Road miss the curve.

The accidents have also caused serious damage to their property, even totaling their car in the driveway.

The Rosens claim they’ve had an ongoing battle with officials over who is responsible for their safety. They’re demanding yield and warning signs, blinking lights, barriers and enforcement of the speed limit near their home.

“We’ve been here for 13 years, and every time I approach the subject with the town it is ignored or put off,” said homeowner Mia Rosen.

Both the county and the town told McLogan they don’t have any records of complaints from Oak Lane, but pledge to look into the safety of the curve on Roslyn Road.

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