NEW YORK (WFAN) — We’re sure you’ve seen the shirt — or at least heard of it.

You know, the blue one with WFAN host Mike Francesa’s face on it that says “Numbah One”.

The shirt was created by Barstool Sports, and Mike just recently found out about the phenomenon that is the blue “Numbah One” shirt.

So on Friday afternoon, he had Barstool Sports bring some shirts to the studio.

“I have a little — more than a little — cult following in social media, to say the least,” Francesa said. “For right and wrong and good and bad, I have some crazies out there that like to follow me and have set up websites and all different things. A couple of people noticed this shirt — even in our family — (and) came to me and said ‘Can we get those shirts?’ And I said, ‘What shirt?’

“All of a sudden I saw the shirt in the newspaper, and my kids wanted the shirt. And they’re like, ‘Dad, can you get us those shirts?’ And I’m like. ‘What shirt?’ Then my wife said to me, ‘Are you aware of the shirt? There’s this one shirt, we all like it.’ And one of her sisters said to her, ‘Can we get those shirts?’ And I’m like, ‘What shirt?'”

The afternoon drive-time host admitted that the shirt has taken on a life of its own and has gained massive popularity, but he’s not at all bothered. In fact, he plans to give shirts to his wife, kids and relatives.

“This shirt’s become kind of a craze,” Francesa said. “I’ve had so many requests for this shirt, so I had (Barstool Sports) bring me some … Everyone knew about the shirt before I did, which is amazing. I keep hearing, ‘Hey, did you see the shirt?’ My wife said to me, ‘I really like the shirt!’ I’m like, ‘What shirt?’ And finally, the other day it was in the newspaper. And I said, ‘Oh, that’s the shirt.'”

To order the “Numbah One” shirt, go here. The shirts go for $24.

In classic Francesa fashion, he ended the short segment with this statement: “Go to I don’t know why you would want one, but if you do, God bless you.”

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