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Drivers Steamed As Bone Chilling Temperatures Leave Roads Pocked With Potholes


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NEW YORK(CBSNewYork)Bone chilling weather has contributed to a problem that has New York drivers steaming mad.

It is the sound that strikes dread into the heart of every driver; the ‘thump, thump’ of a flat tire.

“I’m driving the Cross Bronx and I feel this horrible thump and when I get out sure enough I had a flat tire,” Rosemary Santiago told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

CBS 2’s pothole patrol found driver after driver stopped on I-95 and the Cross Bronx Expressway on Tuesday.

“The potholes on the Cross Bronx, crazy, craziness,” Laila Rodriguez said.

Five hours after getting a flat tire, delivery guy Marco Morales was still waiting for a spare to arrive.

“Too many customers call me, call me, call me. I say ‘I be late I have a flat tire today,'” Morales said.

Even without a flat tire potholes can have an impact. Across the Tri-State area countless drivers have gotten stuck behind DOT crews repairing pock-marked roads.

But, just as every dark cloud has a silver lining every pothole makes someone happy.

“Some people they’re angry, some people angry at the potholes,” Gustavo at Veloz Tire on Bronx River Ave said,”I make a little more, a little tips.”

A tip for New Yorkers this winter: let the driver beware.

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