NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — In the past networking has typically meant lunch with a potential employer or dinner and drinks with a client.

Now, there a new work trend known as “sweat-working” has many people picking up their gym shoes.

As CBS 2’s Alice Gainer reported, business lunches are out and spinning classes are in.

“The lines between professional and personal are definitely blurring,” founder Sarah Siciliano said.

The new trend combines networking with exercise.

“This is a way to expend some calories and also kill two birds with one stone,” Siciliano explained, “Clients and reps want to be friends with each other.”

Siciliano works for an advertising company and said that she sweat-works up to three times a week. Gyms have also reported an increase in sweat-working.

“We have people of all ages, all shapes, and all sizes, and all backgrounds and demographics,” gym owner Doug Melroe said.

A lot of people in high level jobs don’t always have time to work out. Sweat-working makes it easier.

“It’s like truth serum without having three martinis and spending seventy-five dollars in a bar,” IT consultant Julie Gilbert Newrai said, “You really get the core essence of who that person is when you’re in that kind of intense environment.”

Experts cautioned that sweat-working may not be for everyone.

“I’m big on body language. Body language in that setting is very different than body language in an athletic environment,” networking expert Bonnie Ross-Parker said.

For some the gym can be an intimidating environment.

“Make sure they know it’s fun and make it fun for them,” Newrai suggested.

Some of the most popular sweat-working activities include yoga and boxing.

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