BRIDGEPORT, Conn.(CBSNewYork) — A controversial video has surfaced that shows a principal dragging two young students down a hallway.

Now, some parents at a Bridgeport school are outraged and said that the woman should be fired.

The video clips are from two different incidents inside of Bridgeport’s Tisdale School and involve two different students. In one clip a student is seen being dragged down the hallway by Principal Carmen Perez Dickson, CBS 2’s Andrea Grymes reported.

The videos were seen by the board of education when the accusations surfaced. The board decided to give the veteran principal a 6 month suspension instead of firing her as recommended by the superintendent.

“I hope parents, whoever sees this, does not believe this kind of behavior is prevalent in our schools,” the district’s Chief Administrative Officer said.

In October, a board member called the video an incomplete account of what actually happened and said that it failed to show the child’s behavior leading up to the event.

One parent said that she has never had a problem with Dickinson.

“I personally like Ms. Dickson, she’s always been good with my kids. I never knew what happened,” she said.

During the termination hearing Dickson’s lawyer said that her actions were appropriate for the situation.

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