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Jerry Recco must have been feeling pretty lucky after entering the Allstate Studio, because when pushed by Craig, Jerry matter-of-factly pushed his luck to the limit.

After his luck eventually ran out, Jerry assumed his role as update maven and did his thing, beginning with the blowout in Portland, where the Trail Blazers beat down the Nets 124-80.

As for the Knicks, well they’re busy not being distracted by Raymond Felton’s arrest on gun charges as they prepare to take on a masked LeBron James and the Heat tonight in Miami.

Plus, some news and notes from spring training, as Terry Collins comments on Jon Niese’s “dead arm,” adding him to the list of ailing Mets.  Michigan beat Purdue on a game-winner, rumors swirling as the NHL trade deadline fast approaches (March 5th @ 3 p.m.) and Richie Incognito gets his sports car smashed in his driveway…

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