NEW YORK (WLNY) — The Oscars aren’t just about the fashion and the awards, it’s also about the fabulous food served at all the post-show parties.

Chef Julian Proujansky, of OMAR’s La Ranita in the West Village, gave The Couch a taste of some gourmet cuisine inspired by an Oscar contender.

“‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ movie is all about decadence and over-the-top ridiculousness, so the food here is inspired by the same,” Proujansky said.

Tomahawk Steak With Cheddar Foam And Truffle:


1 24oz dry aged tomahawk steak
1 pint peeled fingerling potatoes
1 pint grated Cheddar cheese
6 oz butter
1 qt cream
2 table spoon truffle oil
30g fresh black truffle


1) Roast the steak in a hot pan till it’s nicely browned.

2) Put in oven on 325 degrees F until cooked medium, about 20 minutes.

3) Cook the potatoes in salted water at a very low simmer until tender.

4) While they cook, melt the butter and cream together.

5) Put the melted cream and butter, cheddar cheese, potatoes and truffle oil in a blender.

6) Blend on high till smooth.

7) Season with a little salt.

8) Put in a whip cream canister and charge twice with N2O.


1) Put the steak on a plate

2) Use the whip cream canister to shoot some of the potato foam on the plate and grate the truffle on top of the whole plate.

3) If you don’t have fresh truffle, use truffle butter on top of the steak.

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