NORTH MASSAPEQUA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — It’s no day at the park for neighbors of some ball fields and playgrounds in North Massapequa.

As CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan reported, ever since the site of a former school was transformed into a 5-acre park, homeowners on the adjacent properties have been dealing with noise, bright lights and balls routinely crashing into their houses.

“It looks like Disneyland with these umbrellas and LED lights shining right into my bedroom,” said Frank Visco.

Greg Lane described the view from his window, which overlooks a Plainedge Park ball field: “It’s a beautiful view for a skybox.”

Lane said insufficient fencing and netting is allowing baseball, soccer and lacrosse balls to slam into his siding and narrowly miss people lounging on the deck.

He has documented the noise and taken photos of kids climbing goal posts and throwing trash. Lane claims the lack of screening or buffer keeps his family inside.

“Since the park began operation, we can’t open windows,” he said. “In fact, we had to take a loan out to get central air because it’s the only way to get any type of privacy.”

Many who live on the blocks surrounding the park said they are sports fans — but not fans of smashed windows and shingles.

Diane Sabino said 124 balls were hit onto her property last year and that her windows, skylights and a deck door have been cracked.

The Sabinos want holes in the fencing repaired, taller poles installed to stop the barrage of balls and sound-proofing.

The town said it is listening and wants to be a good neighbor.

“Certainly, the last thing we want to do is take what is really a good thing and turn it into a negative,” said Leonard Genova, Oyster Bay’s town attorney. “So we’re going to try to continue to work with the residents who adjoin the park.”

Town officials say they will increase public safety patrols and schedule a meeting with residents.

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