By Kristian Dyer and Mike Naples
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The NFL Draft is just a few days away, and for former Boston College tight end Mike Naples, the hard work is set to pay off. Naples, the product of Somerville High School in Central Jersey, is still keeping up with his workouts at TEST Parisi Football Academy in Martinsville, N.J.

Throughout this draft, Naples has blogged exclusively for CBS New York on his process, taking us into the life of a prospect up through being signed by an NFL team. This week, Naples takes us through the last few weeks since Pro Day and into the waiting game.

With Pro Day over, as well as all of the workouts I did for teams, I am now back to the grind — as the kids these days say.


I stayed in Boston for a little while over the past couple of weeks, throwing the weights around and working out with some of my old teammates. Among those guys were close friends and roommates Jake Sinkovec and current Boston College player Josh Bordner.

It is very easy to work out and motivate yourself when you are around such hard-working and dedicated friends all the time. Sinkovec is also training for the upcoming NFL Draft and plays both fullback and halfback. He is very physical and an extremely hard-hitting player. It has been awesome to bounce ideas and thoughts back and forth with Sinkovec since he is going through the same process as I am. Bordner is a great player who is absurdly athletic. He will be a great leader for the Eagles.

Once I left Boston, I went back home to New Jersey. I am currently still there and plan to be here for the NFL Draft. Since I have been back, I started working out again at TEST Sports Clubs, where I did my training leading up to my Pro Day. At TEST, I’ve had some great workouts, running with NFL players such as Bart Scott, Jamal Westerman and others. It’s great to be around people who have already played in the NFL because they can give you a totally different opinion from most. They have insight because they’ve been there and done that.


One guy I’m thankful for is Westerman, with whom I’ve had quite a few talks with. We’ve discussed what the NFL is like and different situations he has gone through. Getting to hear first-hand experiences in-depth has really provided some great guidance and insight into what my future will hopefully hold. I think it’s important to soak up as much information as you can from guys like that because they have already been where you want to be and have done what you want to do.

He came from Rutgers as an All-Big East player and was an undrafted rookie free agent who stuck with the New York Jets and has since gone on to have a really nice NFL career. At TEST, he’s always the first one here, as he takes his training very seriously. It’s a great example for me to see.

With the draft right around the corner, I am starting to feel the same way I did right before Pro Day — excited, nervous and anxious.


It has been such a wonderful experience getting to meet coaches and players from around the nation. Everybody that you come across has a different story and is unique. It has been amazing to see and receive all the interest from the different organizations around the NFL. On draft day I plan to be home with my family relaxing. It is going to be a very weird day if I am able to wake up unemployed and then go to sleep with a full-time dream job in the NFL.

I feel as if all the hard work my coaches, friends, supporters and myself have put in over all the years is about to pay off. There isn’t very much left for me to do at this point other than to keep working out and hope that the hard work pays off.

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