NEW YORK (WFAN) — It seemed inevitable that Steve Kerr would be the next head coach of the Knicks.

For weeks we heard that Kerr was the favorite of Knicks President Phil Jackson, and that Kerr was leaning towards taking the position.

And then … boom.

On Wednesday, Kerr agreed to become the head coach of the Golden State Warriors.

The news didn’t sit well with WFAN co-host Joe Benigno.

“Here’s a guy that, before Phil Jackson took over the Knicks’ situation, we didn’t even know Steve Kerr wanted to coach,” Benigno said. “I never heard Steve Kerr’s name mentioned anywhere. Phil Jackson makes Steve Kerr this hot commodity, basically bequeaths him the Knicks’ job, and then what does this guy do? He takes the Warriors’ job!

“And a guy who never coached a second in his life gets $5 million a year for five years?”

Not only are Kerr and Jackson close on a personal level, but Kerr has a strong understanding of the triangle offense. But it turns out that being on the West Coast and having the opportunity to coach an up-and-coming team with plenty of potential was too much for Kerr to turn down.

“He stuck it right up Phil’s rear end here,” the midday co-host said. “Phil put him on the map! Doesn’t he owe Phil something? I guess not. I’ll tell you right now he should give him half his salary. I hope Steve Kerr never wins a game in Golden State. Who the hell is this guy? Who the hell is Steve Kerr? Give me a break … This guy became Red Auerbach without coaching a game, and he gets $25 million! Are you kidding?”

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