NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Women’s health clinics have been around for years, and now men are getting in on the action too.

As CBS 2’s Dr. Max Gomez reported, health care centers dedicated just for men are trying to make it easier for men to take care of themselves.

Nicholas Poshkus said he went to the doctor recently after feeling dizzy, light headed and shaky.

But as is the case with many men, “this happened to me a month ago and I didn’t do anything about it.”

The good news for Poshkus is that his doctor works at the NYU Tisch Center for Men’s Health.

“I couldn’t go into the hospital and get the same service immediately like this,” he said.

It’s the convenience of the new Tisch Center that got Poshkus to go in. But the center isn’t meant as an emergency room. It’s designed to be a welcoming place for men to get comprehensive health care.

“Men have not been doing all that they need to do or could do in order to enhance their level of wellness and in order to lead healthier lives. There’s this longevity gap — men die prematurely from diseases they need not die from,” said Dr. Steven Lamm, with the NYU Tisch Center for Men’s Health.

The center offers one-stop shopping, from physical therapy to X-rays, lung tests, echocardiograms — even a full lab for all sorts of blood tests, Gomez reported.

Sam Homburger said it makes taking care of himself easy.

“For me it’s removing the friction. Having everything in one facility has been tremendous,” he said.

Just as important is providing a place where men can be comfortable discussing any health issue, not just prostate and sexual problems.

“What’s above the waistline is as important if not more important. Their gut, their liver, their heart, their lungs, their brains, mood disorders, brain disorders, attention deficit, etc.,” Lamm said.

And as Jeff Geffine knows, a man’s body needs regular maintenance.

“Preventative medicine, not waiting until things get really tough. The right things you should be doing to take care of yourself,” he said.

Just like a car needs an oil change, the human body need regular health care too, because when it breaks down, you can’t trade it in on a new model.

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