RIDGEWOOD, NJ(CBSNewYork) — A big cleanup was under way following Friday night’s storm. Many people were picking up on Saturday morning, after wind and rain toppled dozens of trees and left some communities in the dark.

Massive uprooted trees and branches lined the streets of Ridgewood, New Jersey, where some trees took down power lines and knocked out electricity to several homes, CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport reported.

“We saw the clouds. It was pretty ominous. We knew a storm was coming,” Strati Papageorge said.

One tree landed on top of a silver car, crushing it, in a space where it had been parked shortly before the storm began.

The top of another tree was sheared off and ended up on top of a home, and another was split in half by lightning.

In nearby Midland Park, residents say the storm took out a massive double oak in a frightening scene near the home of Bernie and Elsie Bernager. The tree punched through their bedroom window and crushed their front porch.

“Everything went black and it was like a big boom. I felt wood so I didn’t go any further,” Elsie said.

“We usually sit on the front porch every night. For some reason tonight we were both off the front porch,” Bernie added.

There were no injuries reported, and neighbors said that the storm blew through in less than 10 minutes.

“You heard a lot of wind and then just ‘bang,'” Pamela Dorsett said.

The storm did leave many residents without power for a time.

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